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Sleeplessness, stress, and anxiety can be things of the past when a weighted blanket is introduced into your environment. Children with autism, insomniacs, those with sensory issues, and even patients who suffer from extreme stress or anxiety can find comfort and calm with this unique solution that utilizes the body's natural reaction to firm pressure.

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Every weighted blanket is meticulously crafted from the highest quality, long lasting materials for years of use and comfort.

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Our weighted blanket is not just functional and comforting – it's attractive as well.
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  • My wife immediately loved her new blanket and has been sleeping really well for the past few days (thank god!). It's well made and very comfortable (In fact, I wish I had one for myself). I've researched others and couldn't find anything else as nice- and affordable. I also received my order on time and the packaging was excellent.

    - Eric, Kirkland
  • I suffer from anxiety disorder and at night I find it very difficult to fall asleep. This blanket has really made a difference in my life since I started sleeping with it. I know I will most likely always have to deal with this disorder, but at least I can have more peaceful nights of sleep and more energy in the day to manage my stress more effectively. Good value for its price. Great customer attention!

    - Serena, New York

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Welcome to WeightedBlanket.us, a company specializing in comfort and an innovative approach to a better night’s rest. Weighted materials have been in use therapeutically for more than a decade, catering to the special needs of individuals with autism and other sensory disorders. More recently, these weighted materials have evolved into blankets, which have proven themselves useful for many everyday purposes.


Our company is founded on the principles that everybody deserves to feel comfortable and relaxed in their natural environment. Our products are designed using the highest quality materials to guarantee a blanket that will last despite added stress on fabric and thread due to weighting. Soft against even the most sensitive skin, you can count on your blanket to bring you the comfort of home, no matter how far you roam. Read more


So, why choose a weighted blanket? Our blankets are created using evenly spaced weighted beads, which are covered in a soft luxurious fabric. This combination produces the sensation of a warm hug, stimulating the natural production of serotonin in your body. Serotonin is a naturally produced chemical that regulates your moods and decreases levels of anxiety. Imagine returning home after a long strenuous day at the office and wrapping yourself in a cozy hug. Or better yet, comforting your child after a bad dream, with a blanket that resembles your warm hug.

The science behind our blankets is sound; research has shown positive results by those who have used weighted blankets to improve sleep, reduce stress, and calm anxious children. Here are a few of the reasons our customers tried weighted blankets.


Anxiety: Everybody deals with stress at some point in their lives, but chronic anxiety issues have a way of making everything in life seem a little more stressful. Weighted blankets aren’t a cure-all, and if you’re having trouble with anxiety, you should speak to your doctor. However, you can use weighted blankets to ease symptoms and find a happy place when things get hectic. Many doctors will prescribe weighted blankets to patients who are experiencing anxiety induced issues, such as panic attacks. The blanket helps create a safe space, wrapping you in a cocoon of protection, until sensations pass.


Insomnia: Sleep disorders such as insomnia can be brought on for many reasons. Sometimes insomnia is related to stress, other times it could be due to biological imbalances or irregular sleep routines. A weighted blanket can help increase the amount and quality of sleep you get each night, by promoting comfort and relaxation. Focusing on the weight of the blanket, rather than the weight of the world and all the stressors in your life can help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Weighted blankets are particularly useful for children who suffer from bad dreams, or have problems falling asleep in their own bed.


Changes at Home: Many people have trouble with change, especially children with special needs. A weighted blanket can help make transitional periods easier. Whether there has been a change in the family unit following a divorce, or you’re simply moving from one house to another, having a weighted blanket will help retain some semblance of normalcy and comfort for your child, no matter what other life changes may be occurring around them.


Special Needs: Children with ADHD and Autism have been especially receptive to weighted blankets and other weighted items as a method of coping with sensory issues. Many children with these disorders don’t like being touched. A weighted blanket delivers all the warming sensations of a hug without a child needing to be touched. It also provides a feeling of safety and security in any setting.

Rather than reading about all the ways a weighted blanket can change your life, we invite you to try one for yourself. Our blankets come in a variety of sizes and colors, with an easy to understand chart that can help you determine what weight and length is best for you and your loved ones. Weighted blankets are typically 10% of your ideal body weight, plus a pound or two. Your ideal body weight means the weight that you should reside at based on your height and bone structure. If you’re unsure what your ideal weight is, ask your doctor.