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Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket


Why Use Weighted Blankets?

Research has shown that weighted blankets provide calming effects to those suffering from anxiety disorders, stress, PTSD, and autism. The weight of the blanket acts as a calming mechanism, and has shown positive results in human studies both in helping promote better sleep for children with autism, as well as relieving symptoms of anxiety in dental offices and other stressful situations.

Weighted blankets can be used in the classroom, during times of transition (such as a move), or at bedtime to ease fear, discomfort, and stress.

How Much Weight is Enough Weight?

The recommended weight of a weighted blanket is 10% of your ideal body weight plus 1-2lbs. This means 10% of the body weight you should be for your height and structure, as suggested by a physician, not necessarily the number that appears on the scale when you weigh yourself. For example, a 180lb man should use a blanket with a weight of 18-20lbs.

What Size are Weighted Blankets?

Our weighted blankets are large rectangles designed to suit the height and weight of any sized individual. Whether you are purchasing a blanket for a child, or an adult, the 48”x72” blanket will provide the support and comfort needed in any given situation. Blankets can be purchased in weights of 15, 20, and 25lbs, making the lightest blanket appropriate for somebody in the range of 148-150lbs, and the heaviest for somebody weighting 248-250lbs.

What Sets Your Blankets Apart from the Competition?

Our weighted blankets are designed with the customer in mind. Using only the best quality materials, and carefully applying each grid of poly pellets, you can rest assured that your weighted blanket will perform. Our weighted blankets also arrive with no hidden fees or unforeseen costs, as even shipping is included in the price you see on our website. In addition, 1% of every blanket sale is donated to charity in the hopes of funding some of the disorders which our weighted blankets so diligently help.

What are Weighted Blankets Made From?

Ultra-soft and designed using a breathable fabric to keep you comfortable no matter the temperature, weighted blankets have a 100% cotton inner shell, and a microfleece outer shell. All materials used in the making of our blankets are safe for the washer and dryer, making caring for your blanket quick and convenient.

What Makes a Weighted Blanket Feel Heavy?

Weighted blankets can be made using several types of filling, our weighted blankets are designed with polyethylene pellets, which are carefully spaced to distribute weight evenly throughout the blanket. The poly pellets are secured in a grid pattern, are high density, non-toxic, and family and pet friendly.

Can One Weighted Blanket be Shared by Two People?

While it’s possible to share your weighted blanket with a friend or partner, most experts recommend individuals have their own blanket. This is because the blankets are designed to evenly distribute approximately 1/10th of your body weight across your surface. If you share your blanket, the weight becomes lessened, and the blanket may not have the same effect in terms of anxiety relief.

Are Weighted Blankets Machine Washable?

Not all weighted blankets are machine washable, but our poly pellet filled cotton and micro fleece blankets are 100% washer and dryer friendly.

Will a Weighted Blanket Make Me Too Hot?

Our weighted blankets are made for your comfort, designed using breathable fabrics to keep you from overheating and becoming uncomfortable. While the blankets are breathable, they are also made with an insulating layer of poly pellets, making it a great companion on a cold day.

What Scientific Evidence Backs up the Use of Weighted Blankets?

There are many scientific publications documenting the use and success of weighted blankets in anxiety therapy, autistic studies, and for PTSD. For a closer look at information on the science behind weighted blankets check out these websites:

The Journal of Occupational Therapy in Mental Health

Australasian Psychiatry: The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference

Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders

Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering



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